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About the photo art

Using original photo art arrangements is a wonderful way to accessorize and accent a variety of interiors. Browse the color & theme coordinated galleries, and select the perfect wall décor solutions you and your visitors will enjoy to the utmost !


Image presentation can vary in size and finish, depending on the look you want. Painting-like canvas gallery wraps & prints, traditional mat & frame with glass, and contemporary style metal prints are among the presentation choices to consider as your interior design plan dictates. Customization is available to meet your design needs. I use the best printers for each category to assure your finished presentation  meets your exact needs. I recommend ordering samples for large orders, to assure your presentation choice is just right. Matted prints in sizes to fit stock frames are an affordable choice to consider as well.


Selecting images for a grouping is easy when you view compatible photos presented together. I love designing image groupings and distinctive mini galleries, which make wonderful focal points for a variety of interiors. Viewing images in these themed and color coordinated galleries will make your browsing and selection process a truly enjoyable and stress free experience.


About the artist

My artistic goals are to share my art and design concepts, and bring the viewer to a place of visual enjoyment on as many levels as possible. My photography has a clearly defined artistic vision. Utilizing an assortment of photo equipment and software tools, I create print images which reflect the way I view the world around me … as a gallery of wonderful living works of art.


I switched from painting to photography in 2005, when I purchased my first digital camera, and taught myself all the technologies I needed to produce new images. It was soon after I found I could realize my artistic vision using electronic media instead of traditional paint, brushes and paper. Photo editing tools and software are my modern day media. I’m able to achieve my intended style of intentionally blurring the line between the painted, illustrated or photographed. It is this photo illustrative style that I am fond of and strive for with much of my imagery.


My favorite subjects include botanical life, architecture, vintage objects and scenery... both rural and urban. I have recently produced works that are purposefully abstracted, for a fresh presentation, perfect in modern interiors.




I am 100% New Yorker, born in Brooklyn and raised near the south shore of Long Island. My childhood home was twenty miles from midtown Manhattan, so close to the visual gifts the metro area continually presents. Exposure to the cultural offerings and vibrant street life captured my attention and inspired me from very early on.


My first year of college was in Manhattan, at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I studied Interior Design. During this time I enjoyed viewing art masterpieces in the nearby museums, and the historic architecture found throughout the city. Numerous and diverse ethnic neighborhoods endlessly intrigued me. There were daily discoveries, and my passion for architecture, art and culture deepened during these college years. These interests were inspirational to me as an artist, and in later years, as a photographer.


A move upstate to Syracuse came next, to attend the university and earn my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. I developed an appreciation for the surrounding pristine countryside, along with an awareness of the decaying urban areas present in the former manufacturing hubs of upstate New York. These subjects became of interest for my photographs and continue to inspire who I am, as an artist today.


You can take the girl out of New York … but you can’t take New York out of the girl, as the saying goes. As a resident of central upstate New York, I find myself frequenting locations and events that remind me of the NYC I remember from in my youth. Street fairs, ethnic festivals, diverse places of worship and people packed places like the New York State Fair speak loudly to me. I crave the throng of people and the more crowded, the better. It simulates the action on the streets I grew up with, and is my exact comfort level. I still visit the neighborhoods of NYC, old and new, and continue to find them filled with subjects that I think have global appeal. After all, people express a range of emotion and circumstance the world over. That’s a big part of what beckons me to do photography, and share my images for others to enjoy and relate to.



About the images & website

Low resolution downsized images: All images shown on my website are shown at 72 pixels per inch. The photo are downsized to be web friendly & for quick loading when you click around the site. If you enlarge a page, you may notice the pixilation associated with low resolution images. Remember, these are smaller versions of my original high resolution files, which contain all the crisp detail and rich tonal quality you can expect from a quality print image. Look at the larger photos on my home page to see a bit more of the details you can expect from all the small size photos presented on this site, and certainly from the photos you order.


Color Management Awareness: Color management achieves consistent color viewing across varied imaging & printing devices. An image should look the same across all color managed platforms. The color space profile that I use for photos presented on this web site, is sRGB. My high resolution photo files are all RGB color space, which equates to print ready for my commercial printers ! If you view this web site on a calibrated screen, with a color managed web browser, you will see the color and tonality exactly as I intended it to be viewed. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari both have support for color profiles, and should yield a decent viewing experience. Other web browsers may not consider the embedded color profiles so the true color intent might be skewed. I recommend viewing this site on a calibrated electronic device using a color managed web browser, if possible.


Color Bias & Your Electronic Device: The gray tone used for this page is 100% neutral, meaning it is 50% black mixed with 50% white. Examine the gray to determine if your electronic device screen is conveying a color cast. Neutral grays should not look at all blue, pink, green or yellowish. Always consider color bias when looking at art via an electronic device that may not have up to date calibration in effect. It can skew your on screen color.


Create A Link to this Website In It’s Entirety, As It Is Meant To Be Viewed: Please do not “pin” or copy isolated content from this site. Do feel free to create a direct link to the entire page and the copyrighted content you are interested in sharing. Thank you in advance for your considerate use of this website.


Copyrighted Content: All of the photographic artwork displayed on this website is copyright protected, and may not be duplicated, reproduced, pinned or used for commercial purposes without express prior written consent and permission of the artist, Mindy Lee Tarry. Unauthorized use of the Material may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws. You may not sell, prepare derivative works based on or modify the "thumbnails" of any images, or reproduce, publicly display, distribute, or otherwise use the Material in any way for any public or commercial purpose. The use of the Material or any portion thereof on any other web site, or in any publication, database, catalog or compilation, or in a networked computer environment for any purpose other than personal browsing of the Web Site without the express prior written permission from Mindy Lee Tarry is strictly prohibited.


Restrictions On Use: No permission is granted for use the materials, information, text or graphics, and/or to hyperlink this Web Sites with any other Web Site, or to use the materials on your own Web Site in any way or for any reason without prior specific authorization from Mindy Lee Tarry. I am happy to grant permission if you email me a quick note, mentioning your intended use.


Disclaimer: Reasonable care has been taken with regard to this web site’s content and I do not warrant or represent that use of this site, access to this site, or the server which makes it available will be uninterrupted, error-free, and free of computer viruses or other harmful components. If the content of this site includes any technical inaccuracies, broken links, or typological errors, I would ask that you take a moment to make me aware of them. I assume no responsibility for any of these errors in the interim. Every possible effort has been made to present a well functioning, virus free site for you to observe, utilize and enjoy !
















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